JCDL 2006 Conference Notes

Day 3 – Opening Session


open information: redaction | restriction | removal

keynote: jonathan zittrain – harvard university and university of oxford

google search: “milk supply terrorists”

security breach information act; law about metadata; 2003 if you are a company with a lot of data and it could be compromised, you must alert the users

ways ot protect personal data – borrow from ip?

Sysinternals blog – software can possibly spy to get habit usage

Soultion is to not continue fighting war – antispy, etc. but to think about privacy and the expression of your identity; often that means to contextualize data about you; different than traditional view of privacy; more accepting of open environment

You tube – encourage folks to broadcast yourself;

Mashups – podcast, music, etc. retracting any of this is difficult to do; ppl are willing to put themselves out there

What does redaction mean in an open environment?

Best example: enron – shredding content: “accurate document destruction”

Technological future makes it more difficult to retract, recall information

e.g. omniva – every email generated is encrypted; key generated for each day of the week; for a company, you would only have to destroy the key which destroys all relevant documents;

libraries decent point of control for distribution; libraries “best friends” to publishers/content providers/book sellers rather than adversaries; creating systems that ressemble systems like omniva; libraries would be where you to retrieve content rather than the “open jungle” of the web

libraries: what’s a library for? Are there commonalities between public, academic;

LOCKSS mentioned: mirror and synchronize across libraries

Libraries are so far the best hope for those in a position to release something; privacy with libraries; largest advances in digital library space from “left-field”

When to pull something back?

is running a library just about indexing? or is it like brewster kale?

what is the purpose of a library?

one conception: the fortress; keeping non-scholars away; filtering what's important and what's not; if there's no limit on what dig libraries store, is there a reason to discriminate?

ask jeeves – everytime someone asks him instead of a librarian…jeeves doesn't have authority control;

idea of collections – libraries have collections that become archives;

non-institutional collections that mirror the library:

– "gawker stalker" email gawker if you're in ny and see a celebrity; up within 15 minutes

– facebook; 90% of american college students have entries;

– riya photo search – face recognition technology; new incoming photos are autmoatically tagged using face recognition; makes the libraries "castle" seem like the outside; gps tagging;

– databases that transform the way we understand information

– protest/gatherings you bring your identity to

non-institutional judgements

today rudimentary system like ebay's star system

cyworld – one of the most popular sites in the world in korea; wake up in the morning check the world's collective judgement about you; as you interact with ppl, they rank you;

systems of collective judgement for which library can play role in saying what information is credible; maybe the decision is not about whether to keep it; wikipedia ex: seigenthaler article that was removed. should the history have been removed? muhammad cartoon controversy – one of wikipedia's best moments that libraries and news have not done






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