JCDL 2006 Conference Notes

Day 3 – Panel – NDIIPP Preservation Network

NDIIPP Preservation Network:

Progress, problems & promise


LC – William Furgy


Us context for dig preservation

Gov at various levels




Consortial domains


Decentralized in focus – library is node on network

Facilitating digital preservation in US/UK has more centralized approach


3 areas of focus:

– network of pres partners

– arch framework for pres

– dig pres research


2 phases of investment

2004 & 2006; library has used this fund official projects, research


congress provided 100 million for project;


network of preservation partners –

content scope: public tv, dot-com era documents



–         identify and preserve significant at-risk content

–         leverage resources thru collaboration

–         digital stewardship network

–         technical infrastructure

–         public policy issues

–         2010 report to congress


national network – interoperability

value chain




los Alamos tools

storage- distributed – san diego supercomputer center, ejournal edeposit

joint or shared repositories at thee state level

          ask sam about va – could write grant for this

study group section 108 – looks at IP issues – group is ½ from libraries/archives and ½ from content industries – recommendations for how to rewrite the law


phase 2 investments:

–         preserving creative america –commercial content producers

–         working with states

–         additional bus models

–         projects:

o        data replication

o        risk assessment

o        data integrity assurance

o        content validation


DigArch Program – Helen Tibbo

VidArch Team – preserving video; preserving meaning and context;

Goals: make video accessible and understandable in the future; context; preservation framework;

Background: oais reference model; finding aids merged with rich nature of video

METS, NLNZ, PREMIS – metadata schemas today;

This project looks at longterm understandabilty;

Expensive to capture context;

Part of project is partnering with NASA

ACM also has a collection;

OAIS framework – need to develop better articulation

VidArch – typology of elements to be documented within video collection

FAs – considering these as digital objects that should be ingested into repository

Collaborations: sils, ibiblio, open video; renaissance computing center; internet archive & prelinger archive



jim tuttle – geospatial data librarian at nc state

nc geospatial data archiving project

state & local content

NC Onemap – provides framework

Content: vector data;

Local data often more detailed…

Enormous amount of data

Risk data: future supports of data formats; web services; no metadata; geospatial databases – difficult to archive


Trying to influence data producers in NC

Using Dspace repository;

Changing thinking: ajax


Odom institute:

Data-pass: meeting the challenges of a digital data world

Survey, polls data – how to preserve these archives? Social science purposes

Largest repository: ICPSR

Sas data files

Today can do text searches of questionnaires


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